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Dev Raturi



Dev Raturi: A Visionary Leader and Multifaceted Talent

Meet Dev Raturi, the driving force behind Amber Palace, a visionary entrepreneur, and a multifaceted talent with a diverse range of achievements:

Founder and Entrepreneur of Amber Palace: Dev’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Amber Palace, a haven for those seeking an authentic Indian experience in the heart of Xi’an, China.

Recipient of EscoffierAward:  Dev, a distinguished professional in the hospitality industry, has been honored as a recipient of the prestigious Escoffier award for Masters in F&B Management.   

Recognition in the Restaurant Industry: Silicon India magazine recognized Amber Palace as one of the top 10 most promising restaurant chains, a testament to Dev’s commitment to excellence.

Cultural Ambassador of the Silk Road: Dev is a proud member of the Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, embodying the spirit of cultural exchange along this historic trade route.

Honored as a Top Indian Business Leader in China: CEO-Insights Magazine acknowledged Dev as one of the Top 10 Indian Business Leaders in China, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the business landscape.

Global Recognition: Dev’s global impact is further underscored by his recognition as one of the World Emerging Business Leaders of 2022 by WCRC (World Consulting and Research Corporation).

Local and International Accolades: He has been honored as one of the top 50 businessmen in Uttarakhand, India, by Hilmail magazine, and listed among the top 100 entrepreneurs in Shaanxi Province by “Western People” magazine.

International Food Consultant: Dev’s expertise extends beyond borders, earning him the prestigious title of “International Food Consultant” awarded by the China Food Culture Research Association.

Community Engagement: He serves as the Department Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Xi’an Baoji Chamber of Commerce, further strengthening ties between cultures and businesses.

A Leader with 20 Years of Experience: With two decades of experience in restaurant operation and management, Dev’s leadership and efficiency optimization skills have set new standards in the industry.

Second Identity – Actor Dev: Beyond the world of business, Dev is also an accomplished actor. His memorable performances, including the role of “Salim” in “Republic of China,” have resonated with audiences and garnered attention in the entertainment world.

Media Recognition: Dev’s remarkable journey has been widely covered by major Chinese media outlets, including CCTV, Xinhua, Phoenix TV, Beijing TV, Hunan TV, Shaanxi TV, Xi’an TV, Silk Road TV, and more than 200 others. His contributions have also been highlighted by “Foreigners in China.”

Dev Raturi embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, and talent, making a lasting impact both in business and entertainment. His vision and dedication continue to shape the success of Amber Palace and inspire others in their own journeys.