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Bringing Authentic Indian Cuisine to Northwestern China

Amidst the bustling streets of Lanzhou, the capital and largest city of Gansu province in northwestern China, a new culinary gem has emerged. Following the resounding success of Dev’s restaurant by Amber Palace in Xining, we are delighted to announce the grand opening of our latest outlet in Lanzhou. Situated in the heart of this vibrant city, Amber Palace Dev’s Indian Restaurant promises to tantalize the taste buds of locals and visitors alike with its exquisite Indian cuisine and warm hospitality.

Lanzhou, nestled on the banks of the mighty Yellow River, is not only a key regional transportation hub but also a melting pot of diverse cultures and culinary traditions. While the city is renowned for its delectable local cuisine, including the iconic Lanzhou beef noodles, there is a growing appetite among residents for new culinary experiences. With the opening of Amber Palace Dev’s Indian Restaurant, we aim to satisfy this demand by offering a unique dining experience that celebrates the rich Flavors and spices of Indian cuisine.


What sets Amber Palace Dev’s Indian Restaurant apart is its commitment to authenticity and quality. As the first fine dining Indian restaurant in Lanzhou, we take pride in serving traditional Indian dishes prepared with the finest ingredients and authentic cooking techniques. Our team of highly skilled chefs brings years of experience and expertise to the kitchen, ensuring that each dish is a masterpiece of flavor and presentation.


From fragrant biryanis to creamy butter chicken, our menu features a tantalizing array of Indian classics, as well as regional specialties that showcase the diverse culinary landscape of India. 

In addition to our delectable dishes, Amber Palace Dev’s Indian Restaurant also offers a stylish and elegant dining ambiance, perfect for intimate dinners, family celebrations, or corporate gatherings. Our attentive staff provides impeccable service, ensuring that every visit is a memorable culinary experience.

For reservations or inquiries, please contact 17793111008.


 Lanzhou Center, 16 Xijin West Road, Xizhan Street, Qilihe District, Lanzhou 5F5-T039A / T039B

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